Why Acupuncture?


  • It's a healthy, long-term, stable medical career 
  • There's great income potential
  • It's the career of a lifetime and a lifetime of wellness for you and your patients!


  • CCATCM is the only fully-recognized and accredited college in Eastern Canada dedicated to Acupuncture and TCM.
  • Eligible for Canada Student Loans 
  • Funding available for applicants with Military and Armed Forces experience
  • Skills development funding available for those who qualify 
  • CCATCM has an exceptional Acupuncture Diploma Program that meets provincial, national and international standards.
  • The college also includes an excellent Natural Holistic Nutrition Counselor Diploma Program that meets provincial, national and international standards. 
  • Taught by highly-recognized and skilled TCM Doctors with over 30 years of clinical experience 
  • CCATCM incorporates hands-on clinical practice, along with internships to assist in transitioning from student to practitioner.
  • CCATCM graduates can obtain master’s and PhD degrees through the college’s affiliation with Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University in China.
  • For students interested in travel, every year CCATCM hosts a trip to China. During this trip students will visit TCM hospitals and explore Chinese culture and geography.
  • CCATCM offers a range of self-interest courses and workshops, for those looking to continue education and expand vocational skillsets.
  • Our campus overlooks Bedford Basin with accessibility to transit, and is in walking distance to restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centres.


  • Eligibility for Canada student loans
  • Small class sizes
  • Exceptional faculty
  • Excellent holistic programs
  • Wide range of clinical practicums
  • Affiliations with National and International networks of colleges, institutions, and associations
  • A variety of courses and classes for continuing education and self-growth
  • Beautiful facility overlooking the Bedford Basin
  • Internships to assist your transition from student to practitioner